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In "The Legend of Alex," a comical musical fable set in contemporary Los Angeles, 12-year-old Alex goes backstage after a big concert and meets his rock 'n' roll idol, Royce.  Unexpectedly, Alex and Royce leave the rarefied atmosphere of the spoiled superstar's dressing room and embark on a journey through the streets of L.A. where they meet everyday people - bus passengers, homeless people, runaways and street peddlers - in what turns out to be a fateful night of adventure and self-discovery.  With infectious music ranging from Broadway style show tunes to hip-hop and blues, "The Legend of Alex" examines rock and pop culture as well as a young person's identification with celebrities.

"The Legend of Alex" was commissioned and developed by P.L.A.Y.

P.L.A.Y is the Center Theatre Group's award-winning youth theatre and theatre education program.  Now in its 32nd year, P.L.A.Y. serves more than 50,000 young people annually through a variety of performances, residencies, discount ticket programs, and innovative educational experiences.  P.L.A.Y. is dedicated to artistic excellence and innovation in its theatrical productions, and to the development of young people's skills and creativity through the exploration of theatre, its literature, art and imagination.  

  • Read an excerpt from "The Legend of Alex."
Praise for "The Legend of Alex"

"An entertaining, muscular new musical..."  --The Los Angeles Times

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